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Traveling East. It’s not an option most people take, but I took it. To tell you the truth, I was never particularly interested in traveling the West. I guess because everything there looked and sounded so familiar. Western cultures are very much alike, but once you go East, things start to change drastically.

traveling east Vietnam lanterns

Countries like China, Vietnam, India and Japan differ from one another greatly. They all have rich and strong cultures; you can sense that you are truly in a different time and space once you visit one of these countries. There are hundreds of people on the streets, no matter where you go, no matter what time.

I particularly enjoyed Vietnam and its packed streets. Ho Chi Minh City is extremely vibrant and you always feel like you are in the center of the world. You can walk for a couple of miles and still the number of people on the streets and roads would be the same. A bunch of motorbikes, cars and street vendors are a splendid sight for every Westerner. Everyone is busy. You can feel the city bursting with life and new possibilities. Besides active cities, there are many unexplored beaches in Vietnam. Mui Ne is such a beautiful place to stay. Only windsurfers discovered this place, the other tourists are yet to come and see this magnificent place.

Ho Chi Minh City Flower Street

If you go a little bit North, to China, the sight will be very similar. Nevertheless, I have to say that cities like Shanghai are unique. I believe there is no other city that can be compared to Shanghai and its perfect blend of technologically advanced, modern China and traditional, culturally rich China. Tall skyscrapers, glass and metal are next to shrines and temples, creating a fantastic atmosphere and a lot of perfect picture moments. There are thousands of things to do here; boredom will not be in your vocabulary. You can stay near the center of the city if you like modern architecture and shopping. A bit further from here are busy streets with thousands of vehicles, corners with various shops, small streets that lead to hidden houses, apartments and passages. Make sure you bring a map with you, as it’s easy to get lost here.

traveling east Shangai

If you feel a little bit more adventurous, like I did, you need to visit Japan. I love to travel and Japan makes it easy for me to travel anywhere I want, fast and comfortable. You can take a train and end up in a different part of the country within few hours. Fast trains are not only fast; they are very comfortable and are one of the best solutions for moving from one city to another. Why take the plane when you can enjoy in beautiful landscapes. Moreover, Japan has a lot more to offer.

Amy Duncan traveling east Thank you for stopping by. Hope you can draw somehow on all my experience to make    your traveling adventure one that rocks.

Please stop by and share your traveling east experience!


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